5th gen, tinkering with this rotten NetBurst stuff

Mobile was even more annoying a word as dotcom ever was. Gaming became shitty again with online and pay to win and wussnot. Indie gaming became great and saved the day. Radio got a little bit better, with (some) music that was actually good, even though i did not like it. TV Shows began to rock hard. Microcontrollers and 3D Printer began to rise, taking DIY with them to shine once again.



Got most of it from my job and friends, only used it because of the good Mobo, and with my last good (well, usable) AMD Board dying, i hadn't had much of a choice. Dont get me wrong, all the boards wherent bad because of being AMD Boards. They where just cheap and battered. The 1700Mhz Celeron was actually slower than the 1333Mhz Athlon (Dude! The Pipeline is longer than the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and some genius decided to match that with a ridiculous small cache).
  • nice cheap china Case
  • Asus P4S533
    • Celeron 1700
    • 2x512MB DDR
    • Geforce II mx400
      • AOC LM700
    • SB Live!
    • Hauppauge WinTV go
    • Samsung SV1204H
    • LiteOn SOHW-16135
    • Iomega Zip100
    • USB Floppy
    • HP LaserJet 5l
    • Ipod Mini
  • Gentoo Linux


A gift from a Friend who got a new Machine. Faster than the last one, but draws power like a Train (oh dear, Netburst, Intel, what only did you think?). The loudest machine i had since before 2000, even with the water cooling. My old diy Water cooling was dismantled and lacked a pump, but i got a complete Thermaltake Set for 5 Euro from a flea market. Even the GPU had water cooling (bought it of ebay). I got it only just bearable silent when i got a big airy case.
  • Acer Aspire T620
    • Pentium IV "the cooking plate" 3200
      • Thermaltake BigWater
    • 2x512MB DDR2
    • GForce 6600
      • Benq FP991
      • Samsung SyncMaster 2243
    • Samsung HM251JI
    • LG GSA-H42L
    • ECS UCR/61S2B
    • Canon CanoScan LIDE 20
    • Ipod Shuffle
    • Zend Stone
  • Arch Linux
    • (virtual Windows XP)



Around this time i got a rather worn LG from my job. It had flexing issues, the hard drive was only recognized with some folded paper pressing the southbridge down. I used it for some time, but then borrowed a nice IBM while i was working on my diploma thesis. After that i used the LG again, but soon after the fix slowly ceased to work. More paper helped a while, but finally it stopped to recognize the hdd at all. I used it as a diskless Client for some time, until it died finally.
  • LG LE50
    • Pentium M 1733
    • 1x512MB DDR
    • ATI Radeon Xpress 200M

# Letztes Bild aus 10.09 (im Scrapdock)


Then i bought this cute thing. Really nice, very small, very light, rather low power. The battery was dead, and they where comparatively pricey, but it ran over 6 hour on the large one. Sadly the hinges where crap and degrading slowly. I bought a cheap wall wart for it, originally a replacement part for Asus netbooks. It had less power than the original power supply, but as long as i did not put heavy load while loading the battery it was fine. I used this one a lot!
  • Samsung Q25
    • LV Centrino 1300
    • 256MB + 512MB DDR
    • 16GB no-name CF Card as disk
    • Dock

# Erstes Bild aus 07.09



The gaming rig carried on



The Server got the Board from the Pappkarton (and kept that until 2013). I bought a rather expensive Wifi card, which had decent linux AP support (not too common that time). One of the Samsung disks died because the ribbon cable from the spindle motor came off while it was running, resulting in head crash. I bought another drive, 400GB, i had enough space for Month :). I also got a Slot 1 P3 with passive cooling from a flea market for 50c. It runs only at 448MHz, because the Board only supports 66MHz FSB. Later i needed more disk space and bought a 500GB SATA drive and a SATA controller.
  • medion blafasel
    • Intel Pentium 3 700@448
    • 2x128MB SDR
    • 2*Realtek 8139, Atheros AR5001X+
    • Samsung SV1604N, Samsung HD400LD
    • SiI 3512
      • Samsung HD502HJ
  • Gentoo Linux

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