1st gen, ongoing from a used Highscreen 286/16

The early nineties. The cool times where just barely over, the Amiga and all the awesome home computers dying. The Radio started to play crap, action Movies where suddenly boring. The cold war ended and left me with a overall good feeling. There where plenty of awesome mailboxes and the Internet was crouching behind the next corner. School started to became fun.


Those where the times! This thing had cost 2000DM, and that was cheap, even if it was used! No images exist from this Time, but i found a Photo of the exact same Model on the net.
  • Highscreen 286/16
    • 4x51KB SIMM
    • VGA (256kb)
      • 14" VGA Monochrome
    • 40MB HDD (really!)
    • 3.5 and 5.25" Floppy
  • DOS 5 + Windows 3

# ...Nach vergangenen Zeiten riecht es saeuerlich, Papa uebergibt sich gar baeuerlich...


My first overclocked Machine. In those olden days, you had to go to a electronic store and buy a new oscillator. Sadly, they only had 40Mhz, the 50Mhz i was looking for was out. The Soundcard had cost about 90DM, which was very cheap. And it was a unbelievable crappy Soundcard. I loved it!
I installed some kind of RedHat Linux on one of the disk. It came with a 2 side manual, which was all i had when i tried Linux the first time. In this olden days, every distribution has had vi as the primary editor. And it started with just a blank screen. It beeped on most keys and was resilient to ctrl-c and every other keycombo i knew at that time. The manual was sure everyone knows how to use vi, as well as all of the 2 books about linux in the public library. Honestly, for quite some time i had to reboot whenever something started vi (and that was before ext3 and its journal). After some time i learned about alt-fx, which gave me 5 tries and a graceful reboot :D
That might explain my, say, 'bad feelings' about vi :).
  • unknown ISA Board
    • 486DX/33@40
    • 2*4MB + 2*2MB SIMM
    • Trident 8900
      • 15" VGA
    • IDE / Seriell / Paralell Controller
      • 2x120MB Harddisk
      • 14.4 Modem
      • Epson LQ400
    • Mitsumi CD Controller
      • Mitsumi 2x CDROM
    • 8bit No-name Soundkarte
  • DOS 6 + Windows 3.11, (Linux)


No more overclocking, but plenty of ram and VLB now! I got most of this thing from friends and local flea markets. There was a time when PS/2 Ram suddenly got cheap. From 12MB to 32MB in one go. Now, THAT was an Improvement! This thing had the same case as the first one, but it was the last Machine with it. In the end, i used the Highscreen Case for nearly 6 years. Power Supply and 5.25" Drive where the only thing remaining from the Highscreen.
  • unknown VLB Board
    • 486DX/50
    • 4*8MB PS2
    • Tseng ET4000 VLB
      • 15" VGA
    • VLB IDE / Seriell / Paralell Controller
      • 2x120MB Festplatte
      • 14.4er Modem
      • Epson LQ400
    • Mitsumi CD Controller
      • Mitsumi 2x CDROM
    • Maestro Soundkarte
    • DRDOS 7 + Windows 3.11, (Linux)

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