4th gen, build upon AMD K7 stuff from local fleamarkets

Second half of the Klojahre. Radio became a weapon of brain destruction, with unbelievable bad music from casting shows and moderators who made me hate them with just a few words. Hollywood got better slowly, TV Shows became awesome. Board games started to make themselves known. Work became the new University. I had trouble aplenty. Gaming went online, foreshadowing a heavy decline. The Internet became boring and evil. Surveillance became the next Bomb hanging over my head.



This beast was ever changing, so much that i didn't know at evening what i had at morning. Lots of fun, but since every single Mainboard i got was in one or another way crap or defect, the fun was not always very much fun. Well, except for the hexed Boards this was a fine machine. I had several cases for this, the one on the right is the same as seen for the server. Moved again, into a stinking hole they called a "student dorm". Stinking is literally here, my good fellow students just throw all their junk on one heap in the Kitchen. They where on a semester abroad, and where drunk and partying most of the time. Most Students in this dorm where. Partying as well as stinking.
After half a year i moved again (actually, the term "fled" might be better here), into a great little dungeon like basement flat. That half a year tackled me down for the next three years. Didn't get much done these years.

# Note: Bin ziemlich sicher das der Igel nicht der Mail war, sondern der 2te. 2006.08 kommt das neue Gehäuse dazu, steht aber wie der Igel links ("links" war glaube der 2te. Aber: 2006.10 scheint der gute Monitor am linken zu sein). 2006.11 sind die Plätze dann vertauscht und das gute Panel mit dem neuen Gehäuse recht, das alte Gehäuse mit dem CRT (neu hinzu gekommen) links. Nächstes Bild erst 2007.09, aber scheint gleich. 2007.12 dann neue Gehüase an die ich mich nicht (richtig) erinner. 2008.02 ist das schwarz wieder da, zusammen mit vermutlich einem der neuen. 2008.06 dann ein weiteres schwarzes und das alte schwarze. 2009.5 hat neue Bilder, muss ich noch sichten. 2009.09 dann noch ein neues schwrzes mit silberner front, das erste schwarze ist (vermutlich) weg. 2010.05 immer noch. 2011.06 dann der fette Klotz.
  • various Boards
    • AMD Athlon 1333
    • 3x256MB DDR
    • Matrox G400
      • AOC LM700
    • SB Live!
    • Hauppauge WinTV go
    • Samsung SV120H
    • LightOn SOHW-16135
    • Iomega Zip100
    • HP LaserJet 5l
  • Gentoo Linux



I bought this one from another friend. Much better than the Gericom: very silent, low power drain, neat design, light weight. It just suffered from a weird bug: Sometimes, out of the blue, it just froze. Sometimes twice the hour, sometimes not one single time in a few weeks. It happened on hot and cool days, with Linux or Windows, nothing mattered. But high network Traffic seemed to rise the probability. What kind of network did not matter. Ethernet, WLAN, from Chipset or PCMCIA or USB, interrupt driven or memory mapped, no matter. Other high IO Load did not rise the probability. It wasn't bad memory. Even multi Day long checks did not show any memory trouble.
A hinge broke, and was replaced by what might had been the last spare part in this city. The other hinge broke too, but there where no more parts anymore. Fixed it with a piece of cooper and some 2k.

  • Sony PCG 214GR ?
    • Intel Pentium 3m 866
    • 2*128MB SDR
  • Windows Me, Gentoo Linux



My first real home server. Build from crap lying around. The hard drives fell off at work, the board was from the now ages old cheap Medion PC used for Lan Party before.

    • Intel Pentium 2 433
    • 2x128MB SDR
    • 2*Realtek 8139
    • 2*Samsung SV1604N
  • Gentoo Linux

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