Albert II

The Server got the Board from the Pappkarton (and kept that until 2013). I bought a rather expensive Wifi card, which had decent linux AP support (not too common that time). One of the Samsung disks died because the ribbon cable from the spindle motor came off while it was running, resulting in head crash. I bought another drive, 400GB, i had enough space for Month :). I also got a Slot 1 P3 with passive cooling from a flea market for 50c. It runs only at 448MHz, because the Board only supports 66MHz FSB. Later i needed more disk space and bought a 500GB SATA drive and a SATA controller.
  • medion blafasel
    • Intel Pentium 3 700@448
    • 2x128MB SDR
    • 2*Realtek 8139, Atheros AR5001X+
    • Samsung SV1604N, Samsung HD400LD
    • SiI 3512
      • Samsung HD502HJ
  • Gentoo Linux


Dismantled. Some parts are still in stroage, though.
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