3rd gen, beginning with a used Soyo Mainboard / i686 (P2)

The early 2k years, aka "Klojahre". Because 00 and because they where shitty. Radio was insultingly bad, everything sounded equal. Hollywood began to start some good shit again. Usenet died. Terrorists became the new Soviets. Web 2.0 shit crawled everywhere, privacy was crying. Gaming was better, 3D was finally as good as acceptable. Indie Music became great again in Germany with all the middle age stuff. University was the next school.



Fucking big Monitor, got it cheap from a weird local store. The ugly duckling of a ikea diy case got wings now and flew. Got it to be silent despite of all those SCSI drives. The caching ultra wide SCSI Raid Controller was a shot from a local store for 15DM. X-trme-ly cheap! The bunch of SCSI disks was kept silent by means of a small, heavily foam padded second case within the big case. The disks where suspended by bicycle tubes within it, and the case itself was suspended in the outer case. There was a zickzack opening for airflow. I estimate the drives open at over 70db, the case closed at not much more than 30db.
  • DIY Case made from parts of an old press board locker.
  • Soyo 6KBE
    • Intel Celeron 400@480
    • 2x64 MB SDR
    • Hercules 3D Prophet IImx
      • 20" Apple
    • DPT Smart Raid IV
      • 3 * Seagate Barracuda 2GB, Seagate Barracuda 4 GB, Quantum VK2275J
      • JVC XR-W2010, Pioneer SCSI CDR
      • HP 35470A
      • Relisys 768
    • Terratek Xcelerate Pro
      • Labtec M/SBC76
    • 3COM 3c509
    • Hauppauge WinTV Go
    • IBM DTTA 351010
    • Hitachi GD-2000, Iomega ZIP 100
    • HP ScanJet 3300
    • 56er Modem
    • Epson Stylus Pro, Epson Stylus 1000
      • Diamond RIO PM300 PP
    • Kodak DC25
  • Windows Me, Linux Mandrake


This one i liked most. Great Mobo (both, actually), overclocked like hell, silent as something very silent. And quite some great retro Stuff :D
It startet with an old battered mini tower case, shortly after replaced by a neat green big tower (got it cheap on the last day of the CeBit 2002), later replaced by a custom painted quite good mini tower. I do not know anymore where i acquired the first mainboard. But i am rather sure the later one came from a class mate. And im pretty sure i got the CPU from a friend. The rest was either old or acquired one after another from various sources. I bought the Monitor newly for around 500E, the single most expensive thing i ever bought in my live (up until early 2021). That was a cheap 17" TFT at that time. Good ol' days, eh?

  • various Cases
  • Asus P2B-F # In the end replaced by a P3B-F
    • Intel Pentium II 350@525
      • eigenbau Wakü, v. 2
    • 2x128MB SDRAM 133@140 CL3@CL2
    • Hercules 3D Prophet IImx 166/170@200/200
      • AOC LM700
    • Terratec Base64
      • CleanWave 8
      • Radio
      • Labtec M/SBC76
    • Hauppauge WinTV go
    • Promise Ultra100/tx
      • IBM-DTTA-351010
      • Teac CD-R58S, Toshiba SD-M1502
    • Symbios Logic 53C875
      • Seagate ST313640A, Seagate ST320423A
      • Pioneer DR-U03S
    • Iomega Zip100
    • Commodore 1541
    • Adaptec Quatro
    • 56er Modem
    • Epson Stylus C40UX, HP ScanJet 3300C
    • Diamond RIO PM300 PP
    • Kodak DC25
  • Suse Linux

Also moved again, into a stinking hole they called a "student dorm". Stinking is literally here, my good fellow students just throw all their junk on one heap in the Kitchen. They where on a semester abroad, and where drunk and partying most of the time. Most Students in this dorm where. Partying as well as stinking.
After half a year i moved again (actually, the term "fled" might be better here), into a great little dungeon like basement flat. That half a year tackled me down for the next three years. Didn't get much done these years.



First Laptop. But boy, that was a crappy one. Gericom produced the worst notebooks i ever heard of. This one was disturbingly loud, and, because of its cooling system being an epic Fail, nonetheless way to hot. But i got it cheap.
  • Gericom Webgine
    • Intel Pentium 3 1000
    • 2*128MB SDR
  • Windows Me, Mandrake Linux



Someday i got a old Medion PC, which i used for LAN-Partys. I painted it with a lend Airbrush, and put some carpet in.
  • Medion Case
  • Intel AL440BX
    • Intel Celeron 400
    • 128MB 64MB SDRAM
    • Riva128ZX
      • 17" CRT
    • WDC AC38400L
    • Ensoniq ES1373
      • Labtec LCS-2414
    • Realtek RTL8029
    • Siemens KBPC S, Dexxa Optical
  • Good ol' Microsoft Boot loader for Counter Strike ('98)


When i got another Board, i build a nice wooden Box as a portable Case. It was more for Fun than actual use. But it helped on some Lan Partys when someone could not bring his gear. The MPEGWizard was a really cruddy thing i got from a flea market. It was a MPEG video grabber with a parallel port. So weird!
  • wooden box
  • Intel AL440LX
    • Intel Pentium II 266@306
    • 128MB + 64MB SDRAM
    • 3DFX Voodoo 5/5500 (sic!)
      • Dell D1028LR
    • RealTek RTL8139
    • WDC AC38400L 8Gig
    • Hitachi GD-2000
    • Floppy
    • Siemens KBPC S
    • Dexxa M-SBA66
    • AVerMedia MPEGWizard
  • Good ol' Microsoft bootloader for Counter Strike ('98)



I had a bit of leftovers, better than the Medion thingy, but no Case. So, i snatched a battered Pappkarton from IKEA as a makeshift Case. A very bad (lack of quality kind bad, not the lack of clothing kind of bad) magazine and the screws from the legacy ports where holding everything together. A 80mm Fan with grill and some plush D-C-Fix foil where providing some groovy 70ths charme. I had some foam glued inside the case, and as i had the can at hand, i glued the disk to the foam. I have no idea where Graka came from. I think i got it from a friend who didn't used it anymore.
The old gaming machine was recycled as a Homeserver, shared with a friend.
  • IKEA Pappkarton
  • MSI MS-6119 100@112
    • INTeL Pentium II 400@448 (Deschutes)
    • 1x128MB noname + 1x64MB noname 100@112
    • xelo gForce 2mx 400
      • LG Studioworks 500LC an
    • Seagate ST317221A
    • Terratec Solo-1
      • Labtec LCS-2
    • Realtek RTL8139
    • Siemens KBPC S
    • Dexxa Optical
  • Good ol' Microsoft bootloader for Counter Strike (Me)

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