6th gen, core2, from desktop to notebook

On more decade without a catchy name. The tenthis? Oneers? Whatever. Privacy is kicked down and lies bleeding in the corner. CRTs, VGA, Composite, SCART, Tapes, analog telephone, TV and modems are dead and rotting, the digital age is merciless. only Vinyl is kicking ass no matter what. Amiga and C64 seem to be dead too, even the fans are more or less silent now. No contact yet.



Finally getting rid of this Netburst crap. Duh, unbelivable this stuff! And also getting rid of heavy Desktop gear. Not much to tinker with, sadly, but movable and pretty and efficient. I especially appreciate the really apart combination of a ancient semi-mechanic Keyboard with a laser mouse. Latee 2011 i moved again, this time into another WG ("Wohngemeinschat", flat share. Within my usual community, which is kinda left and a bit hippiesque, a WG is usually some kind of broader family. Sadly, this ones not, but hey, at least one other Geek here). Nice large room but way off.
  • IBM ThinkPad T60
    • Core2Duo 1800
    • 2x1024MB DDR2
    • ATI Radeon X1400
    • Toshiba MK8034GS, Matshita UJ-842
    • IBM Advanced Mini Dock
      • Acer AL2021
      • Samsung SyncMaster 2243
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Canon CanoScan LIDE 20
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • Sitecom CN-034
          • Western Digital WD2000
          • TrekStor DSMTU-CY-a
          • Toshiba MK8025GAS
          • HP LaserJet 1012
        • Twinhan VisionDTV
        • DIY usbasp ISP Programmer
      • Rotel RA-921
        • Denon SC-F102
    • Cherry ML4100
  • Arch Linux

I had a Desktop instead, but only for a few month. I had found a core2 quad in my old hardware stash (not sure where it came from, i guess from a friend). It was in a crippled Board, but i snatched one from a flea market shortly after (kind of a Chimera: AGP xor PCI-X and DDR2 xor DDR3). A bit later i fished a fully silenced mid tower in perfect condition from a dumpster behind the computing center of my University. Really. I had shot a pretty darn cool Emagic Audiowerk 2 for 8E on a flea market some time ago.
I used this rig with some leftover stuff for a while, until i ditched in favor of the T60 again. Dudes, that thing is just to awesome!


I bought a Thinkpad x200 from Ebay. Its replacing both the T60 and the R500. Its not as fantastic as the former nor as cute as the later, but its faster than both and portable enough. My Acer Display went *bumpf*, and let all of its magic smoke out. Maybe i can save it with a new capacitor, but i got a cheap and better Siemens Display. The on-board GPU is actually comparable to the older dedicated entry level GPU the T60 had. No more shifting data between two Machines for this dude.
  • IBM ThinkPad x200
    • Core2Duo 2400
    • 2x2048MB DDR3
    • Intel 4500MHD
    • Super Talent TeraDrive CT2
    • IBM Advanced Mini Dock
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Benq IDE1008
        • Cherry ML4100
        • Toshiba MK8025GAS
        • Sitecom CN-034
          • DIY usbasp ISP
          • HP LaserJet 1012
          • Canon CanoScan LIDE 20
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • Casio Exilim EX-Z700
      • Toshiba DWC130
      • Fujitsu SCENICVIEW P20-2
      • Samsung SyncMaster 2243
      • Rotel RA-921
        • Denon SC-F102
  • Arch Linux


late 2010-2012.3

While extremely cool, the T60 was not the bestestest of choices to carry with you at any time. This one is! It replaced the Samsung, mostly because the way better hinges and the Keyboard. Its also a bit faster, but draws a lot more Power (13W at best to 8W).
  • IBM ThinkPad X41
    • LV Centrino 1600
    • 2x512MB DDR
    • Intel GMA 900
    • Disk ?
    • ThinkPad X4 UltraBase
      • Acer AL732
  • Arch Linux


I got this marvelous piece of Hardware, which is, while totally awesome, so delicate its nearly Software. Its around 1kg and below 2.5cm height but has a DVD Burner. And it has a transflexive Display and GGG, which is both quite cool. Sadly it lacks the great IBM Keyboard im now used to, and also the thinklight. Nevertheless, the advantages are superior, so it replaced the X41.
  • Toshiba Portégé R500
    • ULV Core Duo 1330
    • 2x1GB DDR2
    • Intel GMA 950
    • Super Talent TeraDrive CT2
  • Arch Linux

# I lost it once between pages 216 and 217 of Thud!. Took me ages to find it.



I kept the P4 for gaming. But then I got a new, powerful and big GPU for cheap. Really, that beast was monstrous, could be quite good to compensate something if one has a need to. Sadly, CPU as well as GPU where famous for their tremendous power consumption. So, i had to get a new PSU. After assembling, the Board failed finally (it was already suffering some time from dying capacitors), so i got a used AMD Board and Processor off of eBay. Hell, what a relief after the Netburst. Silent without Water cooling again! Well, i noticed to late that the old Board did not had DDR2 Ram as i thought it had, so i had to buy new ram as well. While assembling the heap again into a stack, the DVD proved to be dead. I had one left over, what a luck :D
    • AMD Athlon 64 3500+
    • 2x512MB DDR2
    • Sapphire HD4780
      • Acer AL732
    • Maxtor 6Y120P0
    • Teac DV-W50D
  • Counter Strike Bootloader (Windows XP)


Lately i bought a nice Gaming Notebook from Ebay. Its a more than six years old mobile Workstation, packed with one of the most powerful graphic cards of that time. Its actually a good bit faster than the fastest entry level cards of today. And it has a glorious 17", non-glare, 1920x1200 bigger-than-full-hd Display. /me likes that!
Well, it weighs 4kg, and has a brick sized power supply. Its more portable than mobile, but its nice to play on the sofa or walk to friends and play there.
It came with a nearly new battery and a new and fast 600mb HDD. It started to show signs of flexing in short of a year later. I bought less powerfull replacement from a friend, and used that, until in mid 2014 i learned that this particular machine isnt prone to flexing (yay for Dell), but the GPU gets to hot. Not to hot for the GPU in fact, but for the early lead-free solder. Yes, indeed, the fucking GPU desolders itself! I bought a reflowed replacement GPU on ebay, problem solved!
  • Dell Precision M90
    • Core2Duo 2000
    • 2x2048MB DDR2
    • Nvidia Quadro FX 3500
    • Dell D-Port PR01X
      • Cherry ML4100+
  • Windows 7


This is the replacement i got after the Dell desoldered its own GPU. Again. Its not even remotely as fast, but, ach well, it runs most of the shit i actually want to play. And its way more mobile, which is good. Since i have my DIY couch-station thingy, i always play lazy on my couch, so the small Display is of no concern.
  • Sony Vaio VGN-SR51MF
    • Core2Duo 2100
    • 2x2048MB DDR3
    • ATI Mobility Radeon 4570
    • Hitachi Travelstar 5K500.B
    • Matshita UJ862AS
    • Creative Fatal1ty Headset
    • Siemens branded Logitech RX250
  • Windows 7



Finally, after eight years of service i ditched my trusty old server, and with it the one piece of computer hardware i used the longest: the mainboard from the Medion i got in 2002. It served me well for more than 10 years, and it was quite old when i got it. Its not even dead yet, for it is not dead which can eternal lie in my cupboard.

Half a year ago my Raspie came in, only half a year after i ordered it. Then, ripening for another half year in a box, i finally managed to make it into my new server. Nice thing. Uses 9W at the worst, and usually a lot less.
  • Zigarrenkiste
  • Raspberry Pi, Modell B
    • BCM2708 (ARMv6 rev 7) 700@900Mhz
    • 512MB DDR
    • MosChip MCS7830
    • Genesys Logic USB-2.0 4-Port HUB
      • Atheros AR9271
      • Standard Microsystems Corp. LAN9500,
      • JMicron JM20329
        • SAMSUNG HM251JI
      • Toshiba Kingston DataTraveller
    • 433MHz Tx Module
  • Arch Linux

# Lookit, $file build log!


This generation saw the end of desktop computers for me, alongside with quite a few superlatives: the T60 was probably the best and most liked device i ever had (and i should have used it on as long as possible), the r500 was the coolest laptop so far (but by far not the best), the x41 the best subnotebook (but grew to slow) and the x200 might actually be the most used and most often used again device (except for the old server).
Although it saw some heights, this generation was the beginning of the decline in the next generation, predating it a bit with the stupid sold-off of the T60.
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