Albert I

In 2005 i moved in a Studentenwohnheim and for the first time got decent Internet. I think it was 2mbit DSL or something alike. And thus i built my first real server from scraps i had around. The hard drives fell off at work. I ain't sure about the board, but i think it was a Asus P2B-F which i had left over when i got a P3B-F for my main system. I think the case came from the same old classmate the new P3B-F had come from. Together with an awesome Voodoo 5/5500. Don't ask me why i covered the case in blue cloth. I think it was mainly because the blue was so vibrant and irritating.
  • Asus P3B-F (Intel AL440BX)
    • Intel Pentium II 266 # Maybe 350
    • 2 * 128MB SDR
    • 2 * Realtek 8139
    • 2 * Samsung SV1604N
  • Gentoo Linux

I even bought the cheapest 100Mbit switch i could find. It said: "Null verlieren laufen kontrollieren".


Dismantled and gone a long time ago.
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